Service Message Broadcast

  • Id: RS-013.
  • Status: Placeholder.
  • Type: Implementation.


This specification will extend Relaynet Core (RS-000) to support the Publish-Subscribe pattern through a Distributed Hash Table (DHT). This document is a just placeholder because this functionality is not a top priority as of this writing.


  • Endpoints will tell their corresponding gateways which senders and/or topics they want to be subscribed to.
  • Gateways will publish broadcast parcels for other gateways in the network to consume such parcels and pass them on to their endpoints.
  • Parcels will be deleted from the DHT as soon as they expire.
  • Use cases:
    • A social network could use this mechanism to distribute posts, especially those that have to reach millions of users.
    • Software update notifications.


Syntax: rnt:serviceId[/topicId[?queryString]]. The format of the serviceId depends on whether the service is centralised or decentralised:

  • Centralised: A domain name or IP address.
  • Decentralised: A random, 128-bit hex string.

A public gateway could subscribe to the topics relevant to its peer gateways so they can relay relevant parcels.

Messaging Protocols

  • Broadcast parcels could be unencrypted (CMS type “data”), or encrypted with one or more certificates (CMS type “enveloped data”).
  • The Cargo Collection Authorization MUST include zero or more topic subscriptions.
  • A topic subscription is a structure that contains a topic address (potentially using glob patterns) and any conditions that the broadcast parcel must meet, such as having a specific origin endpoint (by address).